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Dust Volcano
Dust Volcano
Date: 2018-Jan-23 05:36:43 EST
{"Figment OST - Main Song"}

From July second, 2001 until mid 2013, I was in the habit of mostly-regularly blogging. I stopped in May of 2014 without having made a conscious effort to do so, having begun to regularly post on Google Plus. I've come to miss doing this, and Plus has begun to go the way of Orkut and Friendster. So I start again.

I've been toying with the idea for awhile, and in late December of 2017, in the holidays when I had little else to do, I started to put in about half an hour a day into writing a new blogging platform, ideally with the ability to do reviews of stuff too. It's maybe 60 percent new, and 40 percent a port of some bits of POUND, my previous software. I could've just dusted the old thing off and made some tweaks, but this seemed like a good way to brush up on my Go programming. I've kept on giving it about half an hour each day, maybe more on weekends, and I probably will until I feel it's reasonably complete.

As I write this, it's not yet going immediately up; the software is capable of displaying posts even if it's still fairly thin in places, but I need to setup apache to route traffic to it. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe later this week. Either way, it feels good to get back into this habit and to be screaming into a public void rather than imagining screaming into a private one. Or just writing truly to myself in google docs.

I think in 2013 I was still in Brooklyn and still relatively fresh to NYC. I can still recognise myself in those last several posts. They're full of things I might say today. Five more years have passed. A few jobs. My cats are still with me, although age is beginning to make them frail. My hair is greying, and the years haven't given me much companionship. A few people wandered in and then out of my life as friends-for-a-bit. Many regrets, but I think the me that was baked by the time I left Philadelphia has just gained some small adaptations to NYC, rather than turned any new leaves. I think that's maybe how aging is supposed to work, barring major life events. Or perhaps it's being a recluse.

Hoping when the weather gets nice again that I can get back into the habit of occasionally jogging.