Blog: Getting dws set up

Getting dws set up
Getting dws set up
Date: 2018-Jan-27 16:50:13 EST

I think I've gotten dws up to the point where it's ready to serve. I don't see any glitches or major deficiencies in the most important parts of the UI, and it looks all right (for my systems-programmer notions of all right). Generally when there are long chains of things I need to do, there are parts I regard with delight, nervousness, and dread (not usually all at the same time). This is a dread part - lots of gotcha, boring decisions, and fiddliness with little interesting to learn along the way. Still, it's a small one, and after this little break I'll be ready to make that glue. Which is largely:

  1. Getting the commandline client wrapped to manage env
  2. Getting it installed on one of my VPSs (startup scripts, env, so on)
  3. Configuring apache to proxy traffic to it
I'll need to keep an eye on it too; right now I'm operating under the assumption that database handles are reclaimed as part of object destruction but I might be wrong on that.

I'm hoping I'll recapture that old motivation to blog more often once the software is steady state.