Blog: Up and Running

Up and Running
Up and Running
Date: 2018-Jan-27 19:07:24 EST

And just like that I'm up and running again. Feels great. There are still a few things I want to do pretty urgently with the software:

  1. Security audit
  2. Teach my commandline tool to manage blog Tags/Topics. Or test that functionality; I don't recall if I already did it.
  3. Teach the commandline tool to better handle when a post has one it doesn't know about
  4. Teach the commandline tool to appropriately clean out old entries for update
  5. dws should show music fields and other stuff like that when present
  6. RSS/Atom. Since I already did this in my old software and DWS is similar to POUND, it should be a relatively straightforward port of that old code.
  7. Reviews lacks any interface so it can only be loaded with direct database manipulation. Fix that
  8. Add tests
But still, it works and it's a creative outlet reopened. When I'm confident enough in it I'll probably give it my old name, either masking the old posts or importing them into DWS. Eventually it'll be nice to bundle it into a container. For that I could stick with Postgres (and figure out how to manage that interaction) or switch to SQLite and make containerising it super easy. Hmm.

I've cheated a little bit in how I managed all of this; I told myself I'd only ever give DWS about half an hour a day and at least on some days I came back a few times. Still, I feel I generally held to that, and this can be an example for my students on what you can do a little bit at a time. I think I'm also probably comfortable teaching introductory Go at this point; this project pushed me over the boundary. I think the line there is composed of two parts:

  1. Do I feel confident picking up existing projects written in Go and maintaining/extending them?
  2. Do I feel confident that for generally interesting tasks that people ask programmers to do, I can start from scratch and drive through them to completion without more outside help than somebody just unfamiliar with the codebase would need?
I was very near the line before, being able to draw on programming experience in a lot of languages and some programming in Go when I worked at MongoDB and Dropbox, and it may be that I am generally not a very confident person (in that I think I actually would've been fine had I gotten a job as a Go programmer), but now I feel good about it.

I think future posts will shift to my old kinda-random occasionally-ranty blogging habits.