Blog: RHPS 2018

RHPS 2018
RHPS 2018
Date: 2018-Jan-28 18:58:06 EST

Last night I went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time in over ten years; I went a few times in Pittsburgh, but the majority of times I've been were back in High School and to a limited extent, after that in Columbus. I enjoyed it; my experiences going to Rocky have generally took a particular flavour in that I enjoy the movie, I like singing along to it, and I participate in the riffing lightly and in a sense of tradition. There's almost always one or two people in the theatre who are a bit off and who use it as a way to seem clever, and they bug me a bit, but it's rare that a good activity entirely lacks some annoyance.

I'm going to actively resist doing a political/philosophical analysis of Rocky; I think that's a good way to stop enjoying things (and, as a party game I used to play that made fun of activists by having participants try to find everything offensive shows, you really can find an analysis that paints anything as repressive). I noticed though that the virgin-initiation procedures were both a lot tamer than I remember back when I was going regularly, and that one person really, really felt uncomfortable with what was there. I suspect she won't come back; as usual Rocky isn't for everyone, but I did feel bad for her. Everyone else seemed fine, if surprised and embarrassed. The other thing is that counterculture from that long ago still feels pretty dated. Although I think the players in who was pulling on society were pretty different, we'd probably call Rocky a libertarian film from a "social mores" perspective nowadays. Which I think is a useful term - plenty of us on the left who oppose efforts to build comfort along liberal lines in society, and who want tolerance and nothing more, probably could be considered libertarian on social justice concerns while wanting government to be quite non-libertarian.

I've been thinking about changing neighbourhoods for awhile so I can have some more space and save more money; the convenience of having RHPS a little over 1 long block away, combined with my elderly cats and their vet being 2 short blocks away here, make me wonder if I should lean towards this next apartment move being a short rather than long hop. Or in sum, I'm starting to settle in here, after a year or so.