Blog: Preparing for a move mid-2018

Preparing for a move mid-2018
Preparing for a move mid-2018
Date: 2018-Feb-04 18:21:08 EST

I finally got the question from my current landlord - do I renew? I've been thinking about this for awhile and imagine I will, but it's not entirely certain.

Renting in NYC is a pain. It's hard to find a suitable place, the prices are ridiculous, and there's a lot of difference from zone to zone. Right now I live on the west end of Chelsea, on 22nd Street near 10th Avenue. It's a cute neighbourhood - quiet, on the outskirts of Manhattan but still in walking distance to a lot of good places, and there's a 24-hour sikh place nearby that has vegetarian food I love. That quiet has at least one big downside; I'm unlikely to meet people in the neighbourhood. My apartment is a problem; it's tiny, and while it has a loft, I'm too tall to make good use of it. The floors are also slanted; my computer chair keeps rolling. I'd like a bigger place, and I wouldn't mind (but don't need) a few amenities - a doorman, an exercise room, rooftop access. I'm also paying too much for my current place

I've been poking around - there are four places I'm considering moving to:

  • Someplace nearby, in this case meaning north of Houston and south of 42nd Street, on the west side of Broadway. I could keep much of my daily routine, keep walking to work, and just hope to get a better deal space/cost-wise. I'd really want to win with both of those.
  • Brooklyn Heights - There's a coffeeshop I love in the neighbourhood and it's cute and pretty. It'd mean taking the subway every day, but most options do. Prices are lower than Chelsea, although many of the buildings are weirdly shaped so they're not actually bigger (or that nice).
  • Roosevelt Island - It's a separate island to the east of Manhattan and the west of Queens. Served by the F line. It has a very different feel from most of the rest of the city; good place for running. I don't know much about its culture though; some universities moved in so it's kinda academic, but it may be too quiet (shopping? coffeeshops?). There are some nice looking apartments there.
  • Astoria - This would be the most social choice; there are plenty of non-settled-down people there. It's like Williamsburgh but much nicer. I see some good deals on apartments, and know there are good places to eat. I haven't spotted great coffeeshops there though.
One thing I wish were not true - that I need to say I'm moving before I've found the next place. It doesn't fit my cautious nature.