Blog: Thoughts on Bill Kristol

Thoughts on Bill Kristol
Thoughts on Bill Kristol
Date: 2018-Feb-10 23:12:35 EST

I eventually plan to do this kind of thing more in the reviews portion of my blog, but I need to keep developing that concept (and figure out if the current implementation of it is right). Kristol has long struck me as the kind of "loyal opposition" we need on the left - people who question and dissect our views and hopefully help cleave away the bad ones. A Republican party composed of people more like him would be no shame. Mostly. It's particularly important to have people like him on the right criticising populist trends (particularly Trump). I'm glad he's around. Except for a few things that really bug me. In particular:

  • I find his support for the Republican party's successful efforts to scuttle all of Obama's supreme court picks for the last vacancy to be unacceptable and bizarre, in that it goes against how the Constitution says our government should work. In terms of having neutral rules that we all agree to play in, it's a loss, and I can't help but believe he'd be outraged were Dems to do the same.
  • I really don't understand what he expects full-throated support for protestors in Iran to accomplish; in my view it'd actually be counterproductive in the same way that, say, Russia or some other geopolitical rival supporting protest groups here (Occupy? BLM?) would look. In my view, this is something they need to do for themselves, and we need to grasp that our words can't help them
None of this is meant to say that I approve of all (or even most) of his other views, just these I find particularly troublesome, and things that should be governed by principles that are at least in theory not all that political.