Blog: Public and Private Stories for the Observers

Public and Private Stories for the Observers
Public and Private Stories for the Observers
Date: 2018-Feb-24 22:22:13 EST

Apparently Stardock and Ford/Reiche are legally at ends over their would-be successors to the Star Control franchise. This kind of thing happens a lot, usually only making the news when there is one or more third-party involved to keep things complex. It's a bummer for the people who like such series, but I generally don't take sides because I don't believe in intellectual property. I tend to dislike everyone involved; I think it'd be a better world for stories if anybody could make a game or novel or whatever in any series, and develop and sell it, with no licensing, no restrictions, none of that. Creators that want to own culture, even culture they introduced, seem to me like parents trying to control their children long after they move out. It's inappropriate.

The interesting thing that the general public should learn about controversies about questions in townhalls is that they're pretty scripted events. And that they probably have to be. Even the best-run events that don't do this (Intelligence Squared would be an example) frequently have to turn down questions after they're asked, and sometimes in the middle if some lout wants to give a speech. Maybe "have to be" is a little strong; a really spontaneous event, done well, can be a good thing. But it's much harder. Whether these emails were doctored or not ideally will be determined by some independent neutral experts. Although the more polarised we are as a society, the harder it is for anything neutral (meaning rule-oriented rather than ends-oriented) to function, and that rule-oriented things are attacked from all sides (e.g. "rules are so status quo so we'd better bust them").

Was delighted to find that I actually have much better timing for signalling and arranging my move; I need to give notice to my current landlord by 1 April, which would also be an ideal time for my next lease to begin to give me a month's overlap to actually move. Consequently, I can spend all of March actually looking for a new place and either sign a lease by the end of that month, or renew. Much less stressful.

I've still been struggling with terrible migraines on the weekend. This has been going on for a long time though. It's probably the worst thing in my life, worse than the loneliness or the depression. I've tried the "trick" of adjusting my laundry dropoff to Friday evening so I have the option of spending either Saturday or Sunday visiting Philadelphia or anything else that makes sense to me. Since I can't control the migraines, expanding flexibility gives me options.

Recently I've been very curious about the evolution of ants and other socially-complex species; Hoping to find some good books on the topic. I'm curious whether pre-modern ants had a similar society, and how selective pressures work in a highly-regimented society.

Right now I'm at Vineapple Cafe; my last visit was about 2 months ago. Hoping I can let effective proximity to places I do or will care about help me guide my moving decision.