Blog: Antidote to self-enrichment

Antidote to self-enrichment
Antidote to self-enrichment
Date: 2018-Feb-26 18:28:03 EST

Recently Xi Jinping of China had some term limits lifted to eliminate his need to step down. While I have little opinion on term limits themselves, I take issue with rules being swept aside for an individual who is in power, and I think that society should guard against that. To that end, I have two thoughts:

First, any such changes to rules should only happen going forward; a leader should only be able to change this for some future leader, not themselves and particularly not to face their own limit they're about to hit. This is so people can rightly believe that rules changes, which might sometimes be necessary, are not done to benefit the currently powerful. There are times when applying this general principle will be difficult, but not here.

Second, pols removing their own limits lose some legitimacy and people should feel comfortable doing anything from criticising them, rising up against them, or offing them.