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Dreams of realdom
Dreams of realdom
Date: 2018-Mar-01 14:00:46 EST

Had a strange dream, set in some variant of my grandparents (by custom in my part of the family, my mom's parents were grandma and grandpa, and my dad's parents were Mimi and Pete) house at a family gathering. I think we were arriving after some long car trip and I was tired of being cooped up; we were getting out of the car. I was apparently the only person that could fly in the dream, but that wasn't weird. Was getting out and flying around and my mom reminded me to bring my shoes into the house (grabbed a pair with my hands, but for some reason I had another pair there and had to tell her my hands were already full; wasn't wearing shoes).

The dream shifted a bit as dreams often do and it turns out I could fly because I was a ghost. And the dream wasn't sure if I could be seen by anyone who didn't know me in life. The rest of my family was not a ghost, and I felt a pang of sadness and asked my mom if this meant I wasn't real. The dream ended before I got an answer.

I think this ties into occasional thoughts about being remembered after we're gone that I've had recently. Apart from the flight thing; in most of my dreams I'm able to fly and I'm usually the only one doing so. I'm guessing that's just because I'm asleep but my body's still lying down and somehow that needs reconciliation. Mix in some old memories of swimming, and solution. Maybe.