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Clock Hands
Clock Hands
Date: 2018-Mar-13 02:35:58 EST

Today I spotted a new apartment and applied for it; seems slightly bigger than my current place, is multi-room, and is not too far from it either. Was a little annoying that they need so much sensitive information to do all this, but that's NYC. Unfortunately, not long after, my Google account freaked out; I don't know if Google has scanners that look for sensitive info or something else, but it disabled my Google account (swiftly re-enabled) and my Youtube account, with a message that I had violated TOS. Naturally Google wouldn't tell me what particular thing violated TOS (and I kinda suspect this is just some weird glitch). It's infuriating to have "justice", even private sector justice, work this way. There are many things we'd be legit outraged if a government did them, even for petty things, which we just accept from corporations because of private property. Strange how that works. Hoping all this gets sorted out soon.

Is there any chance the timing is coincidental and there really was some old content up there that someone could find reason to go after? Maybe? While I often sympathise with people who are barred from Youtube (or demonetised), I am pretty sure I haven't advocated violence, or anything else of that sort, on Youtube. I'm not a big fan of violence; I'm not a pacifist, but interpersonal violence? At most understandable-but-unacceptable. And I don't recall talking about that ever on YT, and haven't posted anything at all (or commented) recently, to my memory. As an alternate explanation, maybe I gave some app privs to my Youtube account and it posted stuff?

Almost looking forward to moving.

As for work, it's a little weird working with Googlers; I don't understand why G is doing neuroscience, but they are, and we collaborate with them on some things. But there's still a lot of code that's Google-proprietary, or wouldn't work outside of the Borg plus GRTE plus all that workflow. Interesting to be seeing this from the other side though; occasionally when I was in industry I worked with academia and help people who didn't have the infra we had.