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Company and Creed
Company and Creed
Date: 2018-Mar-18 19:16:17 EST

Went to RHPS again last night. Same mix of things I like and things that make me a bit grumbly. Weird to think how long a history I have with that subculture, and how it has evolved. Probably 25 years. I think it was in High School that ... Jen? Maybe that was here name? Brought me to a showing. I barely have any memories left of her except that she had a very liberal mum and a very conservative dad, she was very liberal herself, she was the only out lesbian I knew of in the school system, and I remember an argument we had about the draft; I felt (being a proto-libertarian at the time) that the draft was an injustice and that expanding that injustice to women was a wrong. I think she listened only to my conclusion rather than my line of reasoning, or perhaps didn't trust that line of reasning, and she decided not to talk to me for a week or two. That hurt. We hung out a lot though; I didn't really care about her sexual preferences and maybe she found that refreshing, plus I think we made good sounding boards for each other as we figured out what we thought on some issues.

I have the keys to the new apartment now, and have carried a few loads over - it's hard for the place to feel settled without any furniture (likely will use movers for that), but I'm trying. Irritated to have measured and found that the new place isn't actually much bigger, and with the largely useless loft space in my current place figured in, it might be smaller. Still, I think there's more usable space. I want to leave enough room to have a guest bed. I'm not sure I'll succeed. I doubt I'll try to sleep there or move the cats until the new place has internet. Hopefully soon.

Tortfeasor has taken to hiding upstairs. I hope he's not dying. I keep moving him back downstairs so I can keep an eye on him, but he keeps heading back up.

Tonight I'm going to a showing of Hitchcock's Vertigo, making this a film-heavy weekend. Also did most of my taxes; will be good to finish getting that out of the way.