Blog: Some subtle points of grammar

Some subtle points of grammar
Some subtle points of grammar
Date: 2018-Mar-21 22:19:10 EST

Due to weird weather, the office is closed today; the weather is pretty wild but I get stir-crazy if I don't go out at least a bit most days. I lugged (this was tiring) my microwave as well as some more kitchen supplies over to the new apartment, which is starting to feel a little bit like it has some of my personality now. Doesn't feel like home yet, and definitely not livable yet, but it keeps inching forward and the more stuff I move the more this move feels like a real thing.

Wandered through the snow to ThinkCoffee - a locally acceptable coffeeshop chain. On the way I spotted many businesses closed today, and two variants on some very specific phrasing - "due to inclement weather we are ..." and "due to THE inclement weather ...". The word "inclement" seems to have caught on, but I find that "the" to be interesting. The subtle meaning difference I get between the two phrasings is that the first is phrased as if the listener is not aware there is inclement weather (the way I'd write to somebody not local, or someone meant to read it some time in the future), while the second is phrased as if the particular inclement weather is already known to the reader. The difference being that the first has an implied "some", the first refers to something somebody already has on their mind. I don't know how many other people would read this the same way, and it is nice that both are gramattically correct and the meanings are close enough that variances in reading/writing won't lead to any serious differences in understanding.

Still preoccupied with thinking about the years going by, and the families my sisters have founded and my failure to do so. As well as that interplay between the two female geeks and the pickup artist series here (I briefly wrote about this on G+). I don't think I could imagine adopting the mindset the guy does, but it's interesting to note that of all the advice he gives (Which as the two reviewers note, is often accidentally good) I've generally done almost exactly the opposite of what I'd need to do to build good romantic ties with people. But it has fit very much with how I see the world - few frills, strong intellectual independence and respect for it in others, mistrust of self and others, strong beliefs and perspectives curated over the long term. These are not attractive traits.

Weird to have what's essentially a weekend day in the middle of the week.

Last night I had one of those perfect hugs with Tortfeasor - we took a nap. Weird how emotional these things can be. Maybe part of it is that I don't get a lot of human contact these days. And that I really care about my cats.