Blog: On Exes

On Exes
On Exes
Date: 2018-Mar-24 18:18:59 EST

Been thinking a bit about former ties; what bits of my past would I revisit (from a perspective where I'm not working where I am, and also single - the latter is easy since I *am* single and have been for a long time).

Could I imagine working again at MacLeod? No. I liked the variety in what I did, but the work environment was not for me. That company is totally different now though, and I think it's much larger. It's still in Columbus though.

Could I imagine working again at GoAntiques? Probably not as I remember it; I've grown too much to be satisfied with what I did there. I think the company is probably pretty different by now, maybe acquired a few times over.

Could I imagine working again at Carnegie Mellon University? Absolutely. It was a great place to work. I love universities, and I loved Pittsburgh. But I wouldn't move back there unless I were settling down long-term.

Could I imagine working again at Spotflux? Probably not. I messed things up there and burned bridges, and have some regrets. The work was nice, but it was also too small and there wasn't room for me to have as much influence as I wanted. I think the company is no longer around.

Could I imagine working again at MongoDB? Unlikely unless both the CTO left and a certain prominent toxic employee were to leave (or learn to stop being a dick). I don't really believe in the product, but that's not actually a blocker. They have neat technical challenges in infra, and actually working on their storage layer would be nice.

Could I imagine working again at Dropbox? Sure, if I got to work on things that interested me and were I not to need to work with my former manager. It was a solidly good place to work and I met a lot of great people. I really didn't like how politically progressive the company environment was, but I could deal with it and push against it. I probably wouldn't've left had it not been for that manager and for ending up owning some important-and-neglected-things that I didn't want to own but wanted to see done right.

I think I'll spare the internet individual evaluation of my past romances; that's not really a cool thing to do in public. There's one I'd definitely be happy to date again, and another that'd be a maybe. Would be happy to have any of them as friends even when things didn't end well.

As for cities...

  • Could I ever return to Dallas? Doubtful, and I was very young when I was there. It's just not my kind of town
  • Or Darien? I don't know, I've never been back, but it's probably too quiet for me
  • Or Brecksville? No. Far too slow-moving. Also no interesting jobs and I wouldn't want to need to drive to Cleveland or Akron to work every day.
  • Or Columbus? No. There's at least some appeal here, but it's still too slow-moving.
  • Or Pittsburgh? I might retire there or do a late-life move there for a final job. I love the city. It's pretty, has good food, has a lot of nature, and has enough of an academic feel.
  • Philadelphia? Maybe, if there were a good job drawing me there. I didn't give it a fair shake last time.
  • Otherwise I could see myself living in Cambridge (USA) or possibly Austin. I've always enjoyed my visits there.
  • And definitely not California (although Santa Barbara was kinda tempting and I almost moved there once)
Kinda fun to do mindless Question-Answer posts. Probably less interesting to read.