Blog: Restraining Air

Restraining Air
Restraining Air
Date: 2018-Apr-06 23:24:56 EST

I'm reasonably moved to my next apartment; not done yet (very little furniture is moved; this weekend will see it through) , but much of everything else is moved. Slept there last night for the first time. I'm glad I don't need much in the way of creature comforts. I meant to spend most of today doing more moving, but I woke up with a migraine that's not quite done even now. I'm used to it, but it still is the most dissatisfactory bit of my life, spending 8-14 hours a week on average in varying levels of agony. Right now it's at least a high-functioning pain, but I cancenlled my attendance at a bad movie night event tonight because I can't commit to feeling well and don't want it to be awkward if I need to go lie down somewhere.

I'm intrigued by this ; a plan by DHS to monitor media on topics relevant to them. We could easily decide this is innocuous; many big companies do the same thing, guarding their brand zealously. We could easily imagine this misused; if you don't give us good coverage you won't get interviews. Or worse. As is often the case, it depends on how it's used. I can't say I'm in a trusting mood given our current leadership and how we seem to be backsliding so far.

I've been disappointed but not surprised to see people reviewing the Roseanne reboot and finding it awful or incomprehensible that she'd support Trump. I wish my side were better at looking at the other side of the aisle. It's not that I think Trump is even remotely a good president, but rather that people use such disparate means to evaluate him (or anybody else) that we should not be surprised that in some perspectives anybody shines. Given how many Italians voted for Berlusconi, and how throughout history so many terrible leaders have arguments that grab people, I'd hope we'd be better at understanding. I guess not.

I'm bothered by this - Jerry Brown using pardons as a way to protect illegal immigrants. I suppose, despite it now being marked by Trump's side, I still have very dim views of illegal immigration, and efforts to ease their stay, except as part of very deliberate amnesty - an exemption against rules that still generally hold, don't sit well with me.

This is inspiring. Good data visualisation is part of outreach, and while outreach can't be the primary point of science, it makes everything else possible in the long run, from funding to the next generation of scientists to instilling the (educated parts of the) general public with wonder far from our easy perspectives.

I haven't taken Uber very often, and as I've written before, I'm only really comfortable doing so either in dire need or if Uber represents a better or at least roughly-even status quo for workers than the taxicab system. In NYC, I loathe our medallion system even though it's well-intentioned. I would be comfortable taking it here, but I rarely do in practice because the subway system, despite its strain, is good enough. Still, I am well-aware of its rating system and think that aspect of Uber sucks. In largely the same way that I think Gamestop's pressures on its stores and employees are awful. I wish we could get them to do better on this front.