Blog: Overburdening

Date: 2018-Apr-09 05:48:03 EST

Finally got the moving pretty much done. Had a really long migraine of varying length during it, from Friday (which I took off to pack, but was unable to do so because of the pain) to Saturday (where movers came by and packed everything) to Sunday (when they moved stuff). I was really worried that not everything would fit. Fortunately, things did fit in the physical sense, it's now up to me to make them work spacewise when unpacked. And in the process I'm reminded that I have way, way too much stuff. A lot of it is kitchen stuff; over the years somehow I've ended up with far more plates and cups than I need, and all sorts of other things I never use. In reality, I could probably make do with 5 plates, 5 cups, and maybe 3 each of standard cutlery. I should get rid of a lot of this. It makes no sense to keep carrying it around. There's just the question of how - throwing it away would feel wrong.

I wasn't able to finish setting up my desktops. The VESA mount screws are either packed away somewhere or got lost in the shuffle. I ordered more. I'm also not sure where my Cintiq got to. Hopefully that will turn up; I'm hoping to start using it again. I've done some more sketches for Oyschlisn (my super depressing webcomic) and am thinking of bringing that back. Maybe the other things too.

I'm enjoying how much more "NYC" the new apartment feels. No longer a sleepy place on the edge of Manhattan. Just a few blocks makes a big difference.

I still need to swing by the old place to sweep, maybe mop, and otherwise get it ready for handover. And to throw out the old, super disgusting rugs.

I've been rereading Neil Gaiman's "Lucifer" series. It's really good.