Blog: Into Summer

Into Summer
Into Summer
Date: 2018-Jun-04 05:42:27 EST

Since I last wrote, I went on a trip with the rest of the Foundation, out-of-country. It was better than I thought it was going to be ; I think it would have been fairly ill-suited-to-my-specifics as a trip I'd take on my own, even with the activities, but I appreciate that it brought me closer to my coworkers. I am sunburned, but I also swam in the ocean a lot, and that was cool. This weekend should've been my big rest from it, but I spent all of Sunday with one of those rare top-tier migraines. It's not quite gone yet, but far less bad than it was for most of the day.

Saturday, I went to an art tour at AMNH, which was pretty interesting; there are paintings and murals in some rooms that I somehow never noticed before despite walking by them dozens of times. Some quite faded. On the tour there was a bit of annoyance as the guide talked about how some of the halls might not be easily remade nowadays because of politics; one of the murals for example was a (reportedly accurate) image of a tribe's dog-eating ceremony, and it may be that the values of being accurate and respectful may be in conflict and that discussion would be reopened. I'm of the persuasion that finds most concerns of respect-for-a-culture to be hogwash; it irritates me to no end that anything accurate might be avoided because it smells like revisionism. Still, was a good tour.

I wonder if I might be able to get enough of the Orc thing done, as an RPG setting, to maybe run it at this year's DragonCon. Not sure, kinda doubt it actually, but it might be fun to try. I've been adding bits to it over the last few weeks, but I was hampered by forgetting where I keep it and just starting anew, leaving me with the task to reconcile all the efforts back together again. Which isn't always bad because sometimes those efforts lead to interesting options. But it's more the kind of thing you'd do as a second pass, while I don't even really have a first spread over all the topics laid out in a consistent manner.

My father's been having health issues recently. Worrying. I'm realising I'm not that close to my family right now, and the time to be close is not unlimited. I have a trip scheduled later this year back to Cleveland, and a separate trip to Texas. I hope to fix some of this, but few things that are from habit are fixed with one event. I sometimes think about setting up a Slack for family, although I don't know how many of them would use it.