Blog: Shamelessness of the Feet

Shamelessness of the Feet
Shamelessness of the Feet
Date: 2018-Jun-24 02:40:21 EST

This last week I finally materialised an idea that's been floating through my head for awhile, and joined a gym for the first time in my life. This is mostly because I'm getting a bit tubby and I want to fix that, and partly that I'd like to see if I can generally improve on my perpetual tiredness with (what feels counterintuitive) exercise. I went with a place about a block from where I work, and at least initially I'm trying to settle in to about 20 minutes on the rowing machine and then as much time on the treadmill or exercise bike (haven't done the latter yet) as I need to get too tired to go on. I like how I feel just after the exercise, although it's left me feeling generally sore the next morning.

Today I hung out with another former coworker; we met up in the morning near where she lives in LIC and walked to Park Slope. Was good to catch up; I've met a lot of interesting and decent people over my career and they're usually pretty good company.

I have more to write about ; been thinking some more about restarting Oyschlisn (old gloomy webcomic). I don't think I can continue after the ending, but the comic doesn't have a firm grip on time (or a plot, really) so I could probably just stretch the middle. I sometimes think it'd be nice to be retired so I could just work on my creative things.

I have a mild migraine. Wanted to write more, maybe some thoughts on current events and ideas I came across recently, but I want to see if I can sleep this off rather than let it get worse. They're not always sleep-fixable, but it's worth a shot.