Blog: How we spend

How we spend
How we spend
Date: 2018-Jul-08 14:17:18 EST

Earlier today I spent a bit of time looking up a science encyclopedia I read cover-to-cover as a kid; the image of one of the covers in my room back in Brecksville popped into my head but I couldn't remember the name of the thing; with a bit of time on image search it turns out it was a Funk and Wagnall's Science Encyclopedia (multi-part, as encyclopediae generally were back then), with a grey cover and a "portal" in that with a topic-specific picture as I remembered. More or less. Was good to see it again.

Also amused at a thought that's sometimes run through my head over the years - how my two cats have some resemblance in personality (with maybe some persistent parsing in this direction too) to my childhood teddy bear pair - one light-coloured and female and more nurturing, one dark-coloured and male and more mischevious. I now wonder if I read some of my parents' personality (or role) dynamic into that.

Finally picked a Chirico artbook to get; was expensive since these things only rarely see print and in small runs, but I've been super interested for awhile and it seems like a reasonable thing to spend money on.

Just about ready to get NYCCHAOS, a local Chaos Engineering Meetup I'm starting, going. Organising a classroom for the first meeting, which limits the space but will be good until I know how many people will turn up. Starting an introductory talk, and as always trying to figure out what should go in fully, what should go in as a teaser for a future meeting, and what should be left out.

The ideas are flowing for more Oyschlisn stuff. I have one reasonably complete one and some partials. Will need to review against past content to see if I've done anything substantially similar to these or not.

Dubin's going to be in town this coming monday, at least for a bit. Grabbing a meal. It's been years. Will be good to catch up. Visiting my two uncles in Texas the week after; two-city trip. Should be fun.