Blog: How I voted 2018

How I voted 2018
How I voted 2018
Date: 2018-Nov-06 23:22:10 EST

Ballot Measures

  • Yes to Ballot Measure 1, to reduce contribution maxes to campaigns for city offices. I did this because I think funding is an unfortunate side of our politics and I believe this ballot measure would help fight that
  • No to Ballot Measure 2, which creates a new institution for civic engagement. I don't trust how this institution would be formed, and feel that like community boards, it would be another fake representation.
  • Reluctant yes on Ballot Measure 3, which limits tenure on community boards. I want to abolish CBs or make them elected. This is a second best.
US Senate
  • Yes to Gillibrand. I find her views broadly acceptable and believe her to be competent
  • No to Farley. She's a Trump supporter, and is also heavy on the pro-Israel stuff. Both are in my view really bad.
US House District 12 (no vote)
  • Maloney - Bad on foreign policy, iffy on domestic
  • Rabin - Is a fucking clown
  • Hutchins - Is clueless
Governor - Miner
  • Cuomo - Absolutely not for many reasons
  • Molinaro - He's undereducated. No.
  • Hawkins - Lots not to lick but not terrible
  • Miner - Looks actually pretty good
Atty General - Sussman
  • James - I am very wary of her stances on illegal immigration, I like her salary history ask ban, she's generally a mixed bag
  • Wofford - Doesn't seem to have many public positions
  • Sliwa - Excessive focus on animal rights. Regardless of how I feel about that stance, the job is far bigger than that
  • Sussman - Looks to be a moderate Dem running on a Green platform. I can support him with no regrets
Comptroller - Trichter
  • I have no strong opinions on either of them after having done some research, and when that's the case my belief that offices should regularly transition between parties decides it
My selection criteria are, for future reference (no provided examples are exhaustive):
  • Has the campaign or individual had major ethical breaches as part of this campaign or earlier-if-unrepentant-or-unpunished? If so, I cannot vote for them
  • If the candidate is unqualified for their role and their opponent is not, I cannot vote for them (this includes no particular expertise or not having a respectable education)
  • If the candidate has a poor grasp on reality (conspiracy theories, is antivax or christian scientist, disbelieves global warming, believes in astrology, is a young-earth creationist), I cannot vote for them
  • If the candidate regularly insults people they disagree with, uses schoolyard insults, frequently threatens lawsuits, is generally petty, or can't accept criticism (think Trump, Elon Musk, and others like this), I cannot vote for them
  • If the candidate has a particularly disorganised demeanor, has a history of breaking the law, not paying bills, or otherwise is not particularly responsible, I cannot vote for them
  • If the candidate has a strong obsession with certain topics (you never hear them talk about anything else), I cannot vote for them
  • If the candidate's ability to delegate and give credit to underlings is poor, or they look like they'd be a bad or abusive boss, I cannot vote for them. This includes public statements that make it hard to believe they'd treat both genders the same in the workplace, as well as a tendency or history of romantic involvement with people beneath them in the org chart
  • If the candidate does not take a fairly hardline perspective in favour of free speech (even for views very different than theirs), I cannot vote for them.
  • If the candidate is heavy into identity politics, wants reparations, calls people racist without really strong evidence, persecutes other definitions of gender, or on the other hand is in favour of violence or prison for non-straight people and actions, or is into persecuting people over religious matters, I cannot vote for them.
Once all those filters are done, I look for competence, relevant skill, and finally broader ideological compatibility. I can't guarantee the list above includes all my red lines, but it includes most of them.