Blog: From the middle of the wake

From the middle of the wake
From the middle of the wake
Date: 2018-Nov-23 19:44:03 EST

Recently my migraines have destabilised somewhat, and this worries me. I used to be able to depend on them happening every weekend, but the mildgraines have crept into the week, mostly into mondays as day-long (if mild) pain and distraction. I hope this is just a passing thing as the seasons change.

This is Thanksgiving weekend - a time with no real meaning to me except it marks the start of the real closing of the year; we got off of work a little early on Wednesday, I drank with coworkers a bit after, and spent most of yesterday hopefully breaking my little addiction to Endless Space 2 -- the game successfully makes playing with each faction feel very different, but I think I've played with the higher-priority factions ending Thursday (where I played a full game at epic scale through as the Rifters). I might return to the game later when they add a new faction in, but I think I'm happy putting it down for now. And at least for awhile enjoying full productivity with my non-work non-gaming projects.

Finally replaced my monitor with the line on the screen - next week I'll need to reattach its stand (when I was using it it was on a monitor arm) and see if Goodwill would take it; I lived with the mild annoyance for a few months, and for someone a little down on their money a nearly-free 4k display would potentially be a big win. Or so I hope. I used to know at CMU people who would be happy to find a nice display with a small flaw in the blue bins.

I'm a bit annoyed that I have a bit of a crush on someone at work, and occasionally have felt a strong mostly-sexual draw from someone else at work. I've come to dislike these things, in that almost certainly nothing will come out of either, and the desires thus have a tragic flavour. If I'm to be alone for the rest of my days, it's probably better to be alone without these reminders of an angle of life that's become pretty alien to my experience. Although admittedly my philosophically-romantic side has ways of doubting this, in that maybe it's better to feel something and weather one's self rather than experience nothing and slide through live unscathed. And I've never been consistent on this point. The Stoic versus the Romantic.