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Doing the Necessary
Doing the Necessary
Date: 2019-Mar-30 19:14:57 EST

My weekly todo lists have evolved into a weekly analysis on key metrics of my life - a todo, a review of past events, reflections on health, weather. I like it, and while I'm not amazingly more productive, there is still noticable improvement.

I've had doing my taxes for this year on the todo list for awhile and while I'm cutting it closer this year, today I finally got the most obvious docs together, and likely today I'll scan them and think harder about if I have everything I need. Good progress.

Last night I went to bad movie night - enjoyed myself, left when I wanted, but on the way back I took the same train car for part of the way as fellow attendees. Most of them were clustered around the more popular people there (two women); I didn't actually end up chatting with any of them for the whole trip, and after I sat down everyone was either with their back to me or blocked by others. Wasn't sure how much of it was intentional. Felt very high-school in some ways (although the use of that term strikes me as potentially worth thinking about). One of the people who left the train last nodded at me as she left, but it all still left me with more pain than if I had just gone straight home after work, I think. Three possibilities still floated through my mind - that it was intentional, that it was accidental because I was being quiet, and that perhaps I was somehow acting in a way indicating it was what I desired.

Listening to a great podcast conversation between Arthur Brooks and John Donvan on contempt in politics and social division. This, I think, is probably one of the more important topics in our society right now. Interesting to see the discussion of anonymity, which I also see as a large problem.