Blog: Mid-Soreness

Date: 2019-Apr-03 01:52:06 EST

Today's been less than smooth; the loss of G+ is annoying, but the loss of Inbox (so far only on my phone) is disabling. I spent a bit of time starting to make sense of the new world, and it still feels like traveling back in time. And ... my vet called to ask about an appointment for Torts and I had to tell them that I wouldn't be coming back because of their offering homeopathic "treatments" (I consider them malpractice). I am not a fan of confrontation, and really only doing it with an activist, or otherwise feeling that it's necessary in some way makes it easier to bear. In cases like this it's just exhausting. And ... my neck is being bad to me again. Realising that it's leading to a lot of tension in my back too.

I have a perspective about a lot of software I use - to me they're often tools I work with to set policy for my data - I don't always care if I'm using them the way the authors meant so long as I can achieve what I want with them. During the year or so that Google Music let me rank songs from 1 to 5, I decided that 1 meant the song was on a list where I'd eventually go through and remove them from my library, 2 meant I would keep it but mostly for either the sake of completeness (album), or for other rare occasions, but I'd prefer it never come up randomly, 3 meant that I had heard it and didn't decide to give it some other ranking, 4 meant that I liked it and wished it would come up more often, and 5 meant that I loved it. Nobody gave me those meanings, but they gave me the means to assign them. And .. then Google took it away and decided that a thumbs up or down was enough for everyone. Sigh. My email box is home to a lot more thought like that, and I used Inbox's tools to build my own habits, and Google's going to take that away too.

Some years back I was in the state where a good subset of the software I used for everyday things was stuff I wrote. I gave that up for two reasons. Firstly, I didn't know how to solve the problem of spam (Google's been pretty great on that front), and secondly I wanted a good mobile client. I got a lot out of that choice, but I lost so much control and Google keeps providing a shitty experience by either taking away things I like (such as Inbox or Reader) or letting their UI people screw them up (such as Google News). It keeps making me wonder how hard it would be to go back.

Anyhow, feeling grumpy and my neck hurts a lot.