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The Boiler
Date: 2019-May-20 05:36:15 EST

I'm a little frustrated that wildcard DNS certs are fairly expensive with the registrars I want to use. I'm not a fan of LetsEncrypt, but this reminds me of one reason why people like it. Anyhow, it's finally become solidly Summer-weather, and NYC is muggy as it always is this time of year. I've been catching up on a number of health-maintenance-y things recently - regular checkup (with bloodwork), cat checkups (also with bloodwork), and have been reminded by the latter how much subsidies count for keeping costs down for human healthcare. I'm glad I finally have a vet that doesn't do alternative medicine though.

The yearly trip for work is coming up. I still feel I'm not good at vacations - I don't really know how to relax and I don't get a lot out of luxury. Maybe I'm learning though - the opportunity to get out into open water and swim is something I dig. Probably the best part of the trip. Recently I've had the oddest sensation of finding it the best thing in the world to just hold my hands underneath water for a prolonged period of time. Feels weird that it's so good.

I've been poking fun at a British coworker for liking PG Tips (as it's made by the Lipton company under another name), but she finally nagged me into trying it again, so I bought a box for my apartment. Having tried it a bit, I still don't think it's great tea - it's a blend that has a very particular unusual taste profile, a little like Earl Grey (which is kinda bleh compared to proper teas - the Bergemot masks the taste of the tea too much). I guess I can understand why people like it though - it's okay in a sense mostly distinct from what tea snobs actually look for in a tea. Still, I'd be unhappy if I had to drink only this tea for the rest of my life (or in fact if I had to drink it very often).

A few takes:

  • I've been thinking about the recently-introduced effort by the SAT Board to introduce a metric for adversity. I think I understand why they're doing it, although I'm not sure I like the goal, and it's easy to miss dimensions of hardship that some people face if one is to actually try to use the measure for what it's intended for. In its current implementation, it looks like the score is gathered by zipcode and high school. That said, my feelings on all of this are not strong - I believe that affirmative action in the schooling system is probably the sole area where I think it's still acceptable to consider the history of race in qualification (I reject all this recent "make sure panels in tech conferences are racially or gender diverse" stuff), although in another decade or two it'll probably be time to start winding down affirmative action too and insist on race-blind admission like in other areas of life.
  • This is an interesting article on dating for bisexual men, and it lines up with my experiences. I wasn't expecting so many women to be put off by my not being straight (and while I haven't dated many guys, I also saw some of the described behaviour from them as well). I'm not willing to grumble about this though - I don't think there are any justice concerns with what individuals or groups want in their partner in almost any regard, and if people either want reliable masculinity (whatever that means to them), or otherwise have concerns about our capacity for monogamy, or whatever else they might worry about, that's their business. I think people who somehow see a value-add for their partner not exclusively going after their gender are going to be pretty rare.
  • I've been disappointed that all this Green New Deal stuff seems to often be paired with anti-Nuclear-Power activism. Seems damned stupid to me, to the level that it makes the whole effort infeasible. I wonder if it's an aesthetic thing - that somehow they want to paint environmentalism as an escape from industry and factories and things like that, replacing it with outdoors and solar panels and windmills and other pretty things.
  • For an org that I often support, the ACLU continues to frustrate with what look to me to be bullshit argument that banning RVs amounts to cruel and unusual punishment. That's not what that legal standard means.