Blog: Consistency Versus Elegance

Consistency Versus Elegance
Consistency Versus Elegance
Date: 2019-Jun-24 01:26:10 EST

While I doubt this blog has many, or even any regular readers, I still like putting time into it because it's a way of writing onto the world - a way that someone might hear my thoughts on things. And so I care about it. I'm still regretting that the URL-pattern for it means I'm hosting it on, and there's an extra "blog" in the path part of the URL. Why did I do it that way? Because I want to be able to host reviews on it too, and it feels weird to have reviews live "under" blog in the path. And I had to bind the software somewhere to the path in the webserver-app glue. I don't think the other choice - binding it right to the root, would've sat any better with me. I guess I could've given it two domains. That's maybe what I should've done, but anything administrative about the software would then need to pick one of two kinda-inappropriate places. Or I could've had a third domain, but then anyone who might want to use it would need three domains. Or I could make it flexible, but that gets messy.

All that said, things are pretty okay right now. Recently I've been enjoying reading through sourcebooks for "Old World of Darkness", having become interested through an upcoming game about the vampire-focused variant of the game. Instead, I've been interested in the Mage-centred bits, and in particular liked the sourcebook for Void Engineers. I doubt I'll ever do real RPGing in the system - the mechanics of play seem clunky, but I love the worldbuilding, and I've long enjoyed buying sourcebooks just to see the worlds people build in them. Interesting that this stuff is so scarce in writing videogames, although there's a difference between doing the broad strokes of a world and doing the fine details. I suspect different kinds of storytelling itches are involved - I've usually found the broad strokes easier.

Last weekend I went to ReasonableNewYork's Solstice in the Park thing. I haven't been to any of the secular community's events for a good while, not because I'm any less atheist, but for a variety of other reasons - one of them is that I just don't see that as a basis for whom I want to socialise with. In the same way that I've been uninvolved in BIGALA things for a long time because I don't see being bi as a basis of socialisation. Massimo was there, and I became frustrated again with him philosophically. In ways not unlike other academic philosophers, and fitting into why I think academic philosophers generally are worse off for it. I was chatting about neuroscience with some other people there, and one person asked about consciousness. I said that I didn't find it a particularly worthwhile term to define, and so I don't bother. Massimo found this incomprehensible (apparently), spouted off his definition as the right one, and said that he can't understand why someone wouldn't define it. I wish he had just asked so we could have the conversation. Lack of curiosity isn't a good look for someone calling themself a philosopher.

Recently I saw Sanders talk about his ideas of Democratic Socialism in a speech. It seemed a fairly tame definition - what I got out of it was that he believes in a number of economic rights, mostly those laid out by FDR as part of his (never implemented) second half of the New Deal. If that's all he believes in, I go further than he does into socialist waters, but it is a pretty defensible place to plant a flag, as FDR is well-regarded here and having a good place to stand to undo a lot of McCarthyist indoctrination is pretty important.

Also recently had a stupid argument with someone on Twitter who made the (in my view unsubstantiated and a bit unlikely) claim that Trump is in Moscow's employ. I expressed skepticism, they somehow lept to the conclusion that I was likely a rabid Trump supporter. I wish people were more careful with their stances. As always.

This past Friday I went to a bad movie event, and saw a film that wasn't bad at all - it's a Tamil superhero film called 2.0. It wasn't exactly a good film by traditional standards, but it was really awesome.

Really disappointed to see another instance of politics as policy grabbing a community.

Smaller thoughts:

  • Disasterous domestic policy is matched by disasterous foreign policy by the current POTUS. Terrifying. I wonder if Bolton's pushing hard for war.
  • Really disturbed to see Roy Moore won't leave the spotlight and is running for office again.
  • On one hand, I think this ruling, that a WW1 cross can remain on state land, is probably the wrong decision, but on the other, I don't feel very strongly about it so long as it's treated as grandfathered rather than precedent-setting for future acts. I suspect our current understanding of secularism and the government is a bit more strict than things were in the past, and while I like that understanding, I don't feel a great need to apply it retroactively, plus in general I'm not fond of removing symbols that have fallen out of vogue.
  • Fascinated at this idea, that our central black hole may be being magnetically contained].
  • I think this concern about the NYT deciding not to publish political cartoons again is sensible - I neither regret that particular cartoon nor cartoons in general, and hate that media are so nervous about offense.
  • Weirded out that so many MongoDB new features amount to patches for people who didn't model their data correctly before they started.