Blog: Fidler

Date: 2019-Jun-29 20:38:28 EST

Two days ago I went to a Yiddish production of Fiddler on the Roof. It had two flaws that bugged me (the character of the Fiddler was cast as someone best described as a reject from "Cats", and they alternated between "Rich Man" and "Rothschild" in the relevant song), but overall was excellent, and as has occasionally happened before I've felt my heart strings being tugged a bit towards a Jewish life - for various reasons this is not for me (being Atheist, not being Jewish by chalakah, and a rejection of past cultures for the sake of building better future ones not based on blood), but heartstrings are not known to always resonate with decisions the rest of us makes. It speaks well of the production that it evoked this feeling in me - it's been awhile since I felt it. Yiddish was not a challenge for me - my German is decent, I've spoken in Yiddish dialects before, and I know the play very well. I'm likely to try to see more Yiddish theatre in the future - will be avoiding anything about Shoah, but otherwise open.

Also recently I caught up with a former coworker (which was nice - someone I've always respected) and we did it at a Malay restaurant (my first time). I was surprised to find that the Malay rendition of curry that I had there was sour and spicy - it was excellent and immediately one of my new favourite foods.

Very keen to visit the mission control room used for most Apollo missions.

I'm kinda dreading watching the second night of the debates, even this far out. I really don't like the format, and dislike what the moderators let them get away with. I also worry about the number of stupid things candidates might get peer-pressured into, like open border pledges.

Also, while I'll likely never get even the least bit preachy about it, it's neat to see that I'm not weird for generally turning subtitles on in games, and that hopefully game companies will keep putting in the effort to support subtitles.