Blog: Journeys of a Grain of Sand

Journeys of a Grain of Sand
Journeys of a Grain of Sand
Date: 2019-Jul-12 02:57:06 EST

About to head back to the Cleveland area to visit family. It's been awhile. Been feeling a need to reconnect, at least a bit, back to my roots. I sometimes think about my grandparents, none of which are still around but some of which were a big part of my mental life. Some part of me wants to give my grandma on my mom's side a call. Bothers me that that's not possible anymore - the last conversations I had with her were over the phone, talking about what NYC is like and her impressions that all of this sounds like a lively adventure. I think perhaps she spent time in NYC at some point in the past. And all that was some years back. The passage of the years continues to astound. And that my sisters all have a kid apiece. I still really want not to be alone and to start a family, but I've also grown comfortable with my loneliness and find it hard to change. I still want my life to somehow not feel like a tragedy though. Last weekend's visit of one of my sisters was another reminder of what I don't have.

Ross Perot died recently. I think his candidacy was one of the first few that evoked wonder for me - I thought a lot about the two-party system starting then and learned about its history and what it takes to upset the paradigm. Some of the people I pay attention to blame his candidacy for a lot of the Tea Party nonsense, but I don't see the tie. What I remember of his campaign is that he tried to bring numbers and technocracy to his run, not something populist. I don't know if he would've been a good president.

There's a coworker at work, Cara, who (with her husband) has inspired me to put together a Commander magic deck. We're hopefully set to play a game or two in the coming weeks, although they also recently decided to move to Switzerland. This is natural for academia, but it still sucks as it really takes me some time to warm up to people and I am bothered that it by the time it happens often they're heading off to the next stage of their life. Feels like a tragic pattern of loss.

Been studying Warren's positions as I may wish to offer some financial support. Looking at her website now there are still some annoying policy ideas that I don't support, but that'd be true for anyone.

  • I don't at this time support ending the Electoral College (and I'd be surprised if the needed votes are there to abolish it)
  • I wish she had a more substantial foreign policy, and I'm wary of the "bring our troops home" mentality at this time given Russia's actions.
  • I strongly oppose decriminalising illegal immigration, and worry that her immigration policies amount to an open border. I still see some common ground (streamlining what processes we have for application, and addressing forces displacing immigrants), but this is generally an area I don't like her politics.