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Information Squirrels
Information Squirrels
Date: 2019-Aug-11 19:37:10 EST

I've been starting to get in the mindset of DragonCon for the year, and starting to prep for the trip. This means I'm figuring out what reading materials to save for the Amtrak trip. I didn't think of a good costume to wear for this year - there's still time if I come up with something but it's getting a bit short. That's okay - a costume would be a plus, but only if it's comfortable. My catsitter asked that I get the apartment cleaned before she starts, and that's actually pretty reasonable - I've been lax about this recently and I should get back on the horse WRT getting a semi-regular cleaner. I've been slow to do this because the place is so damned small, but that's a shoddy excuse.

This weekend a former coworker was in town with wife and kids. And it was nice hanging out with them, and being "Uncle Pat" again. We've done this a few times before. I like seeing their daughter have more personality each time (I think she's 4 now), and while we were wandering around inside the container store I took the shopping cart and "drove" her around the store letting her pick where to turn and where to go straight, which she really enjoyed. I imagine one of the challenging things for being a kid is that they often lack agency, and giving them a little bit is a sure hit. In the longer run this can develop into resentment against the parents and "the system" that explains a lot of young-person politics, but that's a very old cycle. We grabbed dinner at a different middle eastern place than last time - a place called Kubeh (Israeli-Iranian!). The food was good.

At work I've been spending time building the software environment around NeuTu, a volumetric proofreading tool. Building a tool to parse the HTTP logs representing its talk to the backend was interesting, and next week I'll start experimenting with Kafka (finally a good reason to do so) as the backend is willing to dump more semantically complete logs there. I like that work is still interesting and fun; while I don't quite "have it all" at work, I have something that's pretty close. Self-direction. Lots to learn. Purpose drives me. And I have systems to garden and some variety coming in from outside my two main projects. What am I missing? Maybe a certain sense of adventure, and any opportunity to get more "aboutness". But that's okay, at least for the foresseable future.

More to write later, if I get around to it.