Blog: Time Again

Time Again
Time Again
Date: 2019-Aug-22 04:45:03 EST

Been getting ready for DragonCon next week - the app is out, and I've already starred all the things I'm interested in attending - haven't yet narrowed it down to a primary and secondary choice, but that's next. Trying to keep the apartment clean so my catsitter will be okay with catsitting. I might grab a meal with Tammy (former Dropbox coworker) while there. I sometimes feel strange that this personal tradition of going there for me started so weirdly. A lot of good things start oddly though. Maybe most of life - I think we like to pretend that the edifice under our daily existence has solidity and inevitability.

I keep finding myself angry about this kind of thing every time it comes up, and the anger lasts for at least a day. I don't think I'll ever be okay with how defining gender changed from the "nobody cares, figure out your own definition" that I grew up with into the new "you are a bad person if you don't see gender as identity and promise to recognise anything somebody claims about themself". And I really dislike how this new world these activists are trying to build has wound up being something that will get you booted from a fair set of social groups if you don't go along with it. I want society to undo these activist norms and get back to "define things as you will". I've never liked taboos, even for things where I am entirely committed to a position. I think we need to be willing to discuss everything, ideally calmly. And accept when people are not convinced. Most recently this came up because there's a lot of activism tied to Borderlands 3 that really wasn't there in earlier games in the series, and which shouldn't be there. Humour doesn't work by committee.

Today I had what was likely my last PT for my neck - there was some element of choice involved, but I think I've learned what I need to learn and provided I keep up the exercises, I should be able to take things from here. I think. Feels strange to have had another pattern enter and leave my life so quickly. I guess that was 6 sessions. The exercise is pretty boring, but maybe being forced into an environment I wouldn't choose for myself was a good thing. And a reminder that I need to do more of that. The most important thing I got was that I need to pay attention to the angle between my neck and my head and make sure not to remain still in some positions long enough for it to get stiff. I was doing that a lot, and I didn't understand that it would be a problem.

Trump's Greenland thing is enduringly funny. I think it's the one thing that got my sense of humour stuck on, in that I'm just not getting tired of laughing at how nutty he is on this. It's all the bizarreness and pettiness of his presidency distilled into one thing.

I think the Democratic candidates are starting to narrow down.We can probably safely believe that people who won't be in the third debates will effectively be out of the running. Currently in and my eval:

  • Biden - He's damned old, and I really don't like that his foreign policy is irresponsibly dove-ish. I largely trust that his domestic policies will be okay. I find his personality quirks acceptable and mostly likable.
  • Booker - I don't think I could vote for him - he's led a reparations bill effort, and that's a red line for me, so none of the rest of his positions matter. To me, an important feature of how we treat people in the country, as part of how we see justice, is that we primarily want to diminish individual cases of injustice - diminish differences in treatment. We strongly prefer this over creating new differences in treatment, even in compensation for severe past injustice, particularly if the direct victims are no longer with us. (I accept affirmative action for a limited time as a sole exception in modern times, but I expect/want it to end sometime in my life too as the gap in generations between the victims and people today is getting too long). I may accept others going along with the proposals if I don't think they can win (and I support efforts to sink this proposal), but leading it? That's a disqualifier for my vote and it ends my evaluation of him.
  • Guttigieg - Annoying name to spell. More importantly, he doesn't have enough qualifications to do the job. Sure, it'd be interesting to have a non-straight POTUS someday, and perhaps the first time I might even get a little more excited over identity (which I'm generally unenthused by) because it makes it easier for non-straight people to full fully vested in society. That doesn't excuse Guttigieg not (yet, at least) being qualified to be POTUS.
  • Harris - I really don't like her preachiness towards Biden in the debate, particularly given that she's just as fragile on the topic of her past. I don't blame her for her past job, as an adversarial legal system requires it, but some actions she did in that role are bothersome. I'm pretty annoyed with her, but I'm realising that I probably could vote for her.
  • Klobuchar - I don't think she has what it takes to get elected, and she's said to be abusive to people working for her. If for some reason she's the nominee I'd need to think hard and research further to see if I could vote for her.
  • Beto - I like many of his policies. Not excited, but could vote for him.
  • Sanders - Also damned old. I personally like him a lot, but his foreign policy ideas have always seemed a bit fuzzy and I don't like some of his recent adaptations to try to modernise his brand. Could vote for him, but I think he'll likely fall out of the running later.
  • Warrren - My preferred candidate. Liberal and technocratic, with strong academic ties. I have zero cares about the amerindian thing (but I wish she hadn't apologised for that). Probably the only person I'm keen to open my wallet for.
  • Yang - His ideas strike me as unworkable without a lot more effort in consensus-building, and likely usually not good ideas. His supporters are as annoying as (and remind me of) Ron Paul supporters of a few years ago. I think he'd do a bad job. I probably could vote for him if I had to, but I would not be happy about it.
  • Castro - He's not photogenic, and that reason alone probably means he won't get the nomination (and would not win the election if he did). I'm not a big fan of his policy stances, although I could vote for him.
The rest? I wanted to hear more about Gillibrand. And I'm thrilled that Williamson is probably out. And highly amused that BdB probably is too. BdB is my Cleveland Browns - the guy from where I am whom I love to watch losing.

Likely will post my DragonCon list of things I'd like to see if they didn't conflict as a Google Doc.