Blog: DragonCon2019-Part2

Date: 2019-Aug-31 03:06:52 EST

My health has apparently not been something I can take for granted - somehow today has been a perpetual-mild-migraine day. I powered through it though.

  • My First session in the morning was on what indie videogames can offer that AAA games struggle with. It was a pretty long and interesting discussion. I disagreed slightly with one of the themes - that focus is a good thing for games in general, as the metrics proposed would have discouraged the settlement system from having been a part of Fallout 4, and for me that added a lot of longevity, but generally her points were solid. I wonder a bit about the economics of AAA versus indie games in that it's not clear to me that it's easy to predict relative economic pressures. The most reliable difference would, I imagine, be the degree of interference with vision of the creators.
  • Next I tried to go to the market area but was put off by the long line so I had a nice lunch instead and people-watched
  • After that, I want to the Space Track's presentation on ocean moons in our solar system. This was pretty interesting, if rushed. Partway through, somebody who participated in the blood drive got up and tried to walk towards the door but passed out partway there. Huh.
  • Next was a panel with Robert England (Freddy from the Nightmare on Elm Street series) and two other actors from that series. This was great - I've enjoyed the set of interviews I've seen him do on various sites, and it's clear that he loves cinema and knows a lot about it and its role in society. I unfortunately was sitting next to one of those dipshits who is uncomfortable being an audience member and who does their best to .. express themselves .. during any talk (extra loud clapping and woots and so on). He was also sprawled out over two seats, and there with his mum. It was a delicious little pleasure when he got up to ask a question and there wasn't time to get to him. For much of the talk I had to hold one of my hands over my right ear because his general loudness was making my headache worse (and he was irritating enough to diminish my enjoyment). Still, I'm really glad I got to go to this.
  • Next I returned to the mall, and actually made it through the line. There's always a lot of kind-of-interesting stuff in the mall at DragonCon, but as of yet nothing that's quite inspired me to get anything over the years. RPG books are always tempting, but I'd rather have them in digital form. A good set of dice would be more tempting if I were close to home. I could imagine some posters (maybe some good Spider-Gwen stuff) could pull my interest but I mostly see doujinshi rather than official stuff, and I like the official style for that series. This year I saw a few comics from a style I haven't seen for years that I was tempted to get, but not quite tempted enough. I think I could see myself buying some artbooks from video games and other things, as that's the one print media I don't want digital copies of. I'm also open to being inspired, learning new things I'm keen on that I don't know yet. Maybe next year.
  • Went back to the hotel to lie down for a bit. Also to drop off my bag, as I think even that mild weight is pressing on the nerve in my neck that's doing all this.
  • Next session was on the science of video games. This was great - I think I liked it last year too. Even though I haven't played any of the games they covered, I like the general content of taking that kind of content and applying scientific analysis to it. Makes for good entertainment. I also met the director of the science track, and go contact information in case my workplace wants to explore sending some people next year.
  • Then there was a Space track session on why Antarctica is a useful place for science. Good photos, stories, and explanations. I'm a sucker for this kind of content, although I wanted to ask some kind-of-uncomfortable questions about why civilian tourism isn't banned, given the fragile ecosystems there. Decided not to given that two speakers (who are scientists) went there on non-scientific tourism. Meh.
  • After this I had a nice dinner - the Meriott has a restaurant I really appreciate, and I felt a weird connection to my waiter this time (odd given that he was a fairly severe african-american man)
  • Finally I stopped for a bit at a talk that didn't really work for me - kind of a "Twitch plays Hatoiful Boyfriend" thing, with local people voicing it. I just didn't find it that amusing. A fair number of others were heading out too - late-night talks are a bit like this, with some people staying because they're drunk or don't have a lot of other options.
  • Was and still am a little tempted to go see an Anime made of Dante's Inferno in the Anime room, but I'm a little bit tired and am reluctant to stay up much later unless I'm cool with missing the morning content tomorrow. Plus I have some mild neck/head pain. So I'll probably wrap up figuring out my schedule for tomorrow and then catch some sleep (maybe a bit of Youtube before)

I stopped in one of the party areas for a little bit near the end of the evening and felt pretty disconnected from everything. Realising again that that kind of thing would be a lot more fun if I were here with some friends, as most people use that party time to catch up with people. So much of my life has been structured around thinking about things mostly alone though - company has been pretty rare. Some pleasures are not available to people on my path.