Blog: DragonCon2019-Wrapup

Date: 2019-Sep-04 23:38:08 EST

I'm back from DragonCon now, and did a normal workday, but let's wrap up coverage.On Monday:

  • Woke up, packed, and lugged everything around with me the whole day.
  • Started out the day with William Shatner Live. This was pretty great - Shatner was known for being a bit of a dick during his years filming Star Trek, but it looks like he's mellowed out and is leaning into the "cool old guy" thing now. He told rambling, funny stories in response to audience questions. Wasn't sure what the experience would be like, but loved it.
  • Worst Gaming Story ever was a great session which was largely a moderator-led audience-content session where people talked about their worst or most ridiculous gaming sessions in role-playing games. The winner had an amazing story where they found a way to blow up the tower the campaign's villain was in, skipping a lot of the action, and afterwards she described talking about the campaign with a friend who also had done it and having been asked "Did you rescue the children?". Whoops.
  • There was a session on the architecture of DragonCon. Really, the three interconnected hotels where most of the action happens. This was packed, which was pretty great. I love that the presenter went to the archivist for the construction firm.
  • Next was a talk about the Voyager missions (space track), what we learned from them, and what they might tell us in the remaining time before their batteries die completely. Well-presented and a nice last real session
  • And finally, the regular closing ceremonies where they talked about things that went right, wrong, and things between. This was pretty disorganised this year.

It's always sad when these things are over, but people are also pretty tired near the end. It was good to get on the train and start the trip back, and great to see my cats again when I got home. A few more general thoughts:

  • It was good to briefly hang out with a former coworker. I wish we had had more time to actually catch up, but she was there with boyfriend and other friends.
  • I need to get better at getting/keeping people in my life. It was pretty lonely at times
  • Packing granola bars for snacks would've been smart. I should also try to keep a stock of these in my apartment in general
  • It was a little weird to hear about the tragedy in the Bahamas while all this was going on.
  • Also was weird that so many more people are terribly fat there. I think this is a leaving NYC thing
Anyhow, good to be back. I have a few action items for the near future. Also, I realise that the "Expand post" text I implemented in my blog software probably should be clicky, because right now it's not super intuitive that the LINK text in the lower left is how people expand text. It's been awhile since I've changed that code. Probably time I refamiliarise myself with it (and maybe flesh out the review part of the code that I never really made into something I'd actually like to use). So many projects, so little attention to spend on individual ones.