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Morphean Contract
Morphean Contract
Date: 2020-Jan-14 02:03:26 EST

Last Friday I didn't make it to work because I had a weird gut pain when I woke up. Possible TMI ahead (Nothing sexual, just body stuff).I thought it might've been the middle eastern food I ate the night before (which has a sauce that I love that seems like it'd be pretty bad if it went off), so I wasn't too bothered when I started vomiting, except it didn't stop long after it was just mostly water I was drinking to try to stay hydrated. And the pain kept getting worse. To the point where the hours of the day went by with my lying down for a bit and hoping to pass out, and getting up to vomit and drink more water (with some showers between to wash the sweat off). By 20:00 I was thinking I might need to seek medical help, and started looking into thresholds for when to get help. Having read that not being able to keep down water is a definite "get help" thing, I briefly wondered whether to go to an urgent care center or an emergency room, and decided to try the former because I don't like to make a fuss. This was a mistake - walking there was a nightmare and I was in much worse shape by the time I made it through the doors (collapsed almost immediately and they had to call an ambulance to take me to an ER).

I kinda-sorta remember the ride, but the memories clarify a bit when I was lying in the halls of the ER waiting to be put into a room, as they gathered information from me, put a barcoded sticker on me (for identity), and .. the memories are not entirely clear there either. I was put into a room, they poked a bit and decided it was not appendicitis (it was in roughly the same region as that, but didn't fit the symptoms). And they eventually put me on fluid intake (which was very nice because I was quite dry at this point) and occasionally gave me other things including morphine which put me almost immediately to sleep for a bit. I eventually got a cat scan of my belly and they found a kidney stone that looked to be doing all the damage. They wanted me to stay there overnight, so with some meds and time I fell asleep. The next morning they checked in, told me to avoid tea and coffee and drink plenty of water, told me what to get for pain relief, and asked me to followup with my doctor.

The hospital was an interesting place. I think that were I not in such a bad state I would enjoy hanging out there at odd hours of the night - there's always a lot going on, there's a feeling of purpose, and there's a certain amount of drama I noticed from my fellow patients (only a few of which I saw, but some of the more colourful ones I heard). I still sometimes struggle with purpose in my life, and the "things keep going on" there felt nice.

The kidney stone? Just another thing that happens to people. All the other little things that tell me I'm not as healthy as I should be in general because of the blood tests? Those are things I should work on. I'm glad my coworkers have been okay about this. I'm not entirely sure I've passed it yet, but it at least shifted to where it hasn't been bothering me much today.

A few things:

  • Cory Booker withdrew from the presidential race. A few other people have as well that I missed hearing about. So that's good. I think only Gabbard and likely Yang are people I would not vote for if they get the nomination.
  • Happy to see the next season of IQ2US debates is starting.
  • My Buenos Aires trip is coming together. Flights and hotel are booked. Starting to plan activities.