Blog: Russia's Expanded Invasion of Ukraine

Russia's Expanded Invasion of Ukraine
Russia's Expanded Invasion of Ukraine
Date: 2022-Feb-24 16:40:28 EST

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a barbaric act by a nation wishing it were still significant in more than its ability to lash out. It started in Crimea, continues in the Ukrainian East, and should be pushed out by Western forces. Russia's hopes were to reinstall the puppet regime it once had; a pliant state, as obedient as Byelarus is under its dictator.

Russia's excuses for the invasion are facile. NATO is a defensive alliance. It does not invade, and its necessity has been demonstrated by Russia's actions. Russia's claimed fear of it is merely that NATO won't let Russia pull shit against its member countries. Russia has a treaty obligation to Ukraine to respect its territory, which it has ignored in its occupation of Crimea and its continued invasion.

Russia does not have a leg to stand on. Its actions undermine international trust - we should be in an era where nations don't seek territorial gains through invasion. Defense treaties just formalise that international norm, a norm which provides for security and economic growth.

Nuclear weapons make war more dangerous, but we cannot afford to let anyone who has them do whatever they want in the world; we must respond.

I call for four things:

  • Western forces should put boots on the ground and push Russia out of Ukraine's boundaries entirely. In their east, in Crimea as well
  • We should take economic and political actions to destabilise Russia's economy and political system, until it is no longer capable of these acts in Ukraine and elsewhere
  • Ukraine should be admitted to NATO
  • There must be no peace with Russia that gives them any reward for this invasion, even with the prospect of their backing down. The terms of any peace must be punitive for Russia having started this, both the recent initiative and the occupation of Crimea.