People flow in and out of life like droplets in a hurricane. Sometimes you can hang on to some people for longer than others.. With all the moving I've done, I've gone through several circles of friends, people who are more or less part of my life now. I don't have pictures of my Pittsburgh-era friends, so they're underrepresented here, and this is also fairly out-of-date. Sorry.

Me - My BLOG hopefully speaks for at least part of who I am. I am deeply interested in philosophy, self-exploration, and have achieved a high level of inner peace. I like music (particularly musicals), programming, science (particularly neuropsych), and food (especially Indian food!). I don't think of myself as an American, instead pushing an internationalist perspective. I have and express opinions that are not part of the status quo. Painting by Martha Knox
Quote: It is a sign of great arrogance to quote oneself

Jeff - Jeff is a good friend and was once a housemate. We talked about everything from science to sociology. I met him through social circles in Columbus, have kept up with him online since I left, and he sometimes visits.

Dawon - Dawon is a cute, intelligent, and shy friend who I knew in Columbus. I try to visit when I'm in town.

Jason M - Jason M is someone I've known for a few years. He has an intuitive grasp of art, shares my enjoyment in plainness in fashion, and shares my interest in philosophy/politics. He was my first exposure to some political ideas that eventually really changed the way I look at things. He left Columbus not long after I did, on a journey to the west coast.

Lorie - Lorie is someone who after knowing for just awhile, became a good friend. She really knows what it is to be human, in a way that I admire. She's well-traveled, likes musicals, and is fun to hang out with. Alas, since I left Columbus, I haven't seen her very often, and now that she's in California, I likely will see even less of her. Such is life.

Amanda - Amanda is another friend I've known from Columbus, She's interested in politics, books, and culture. We share literary tastes, interest in old videogames, and some other abstract intellectual pursuits (e.g. tetris). She now lives on the west coast.

Martha - Martha was my first girlfriend (around 1999). She's an artist, and also produces literature, has (had?) a neat hat collection, and has an appealingly cynical way of looking at the world. She now lives in Philadelphia with her husband. Quote: Who the fuck is the art world?

Debb - Debb was my second girlfriend (2002-2004). She's a great athlete, is darned cute, and is really smart. I moved to Pittsburgh to stay with her, but we proved incompatible.. Quote: BEEEF!

Nicole - Nicole was my third girlfriend (2004-2005). She's from Pittsburgh, and is of French descent. She's intelligent, artistic, and has a taste for good food and culture.

Dmitry - Dmitry likes taking photographs, rock climbing, and seems to know all the cool active things to do around town. Quote: Jump, Dude!

Eric - Eric always sees the possibilities inherent in things and ideas, and has a knack for finding interesting things on the internet. We hang out often.

Jason and Rochelle E - Another pair of friends, combining brutal honesty and a lot of knowledge. Interesting and easygoing people are awesome.

My Family - I have 2 sisters attending Ohio State and one living in the Cleveland area. My mom also lives near Cleveland. I don't see them very often. Quote: When are you coming to visit?
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