Having Been Human
Wed Apr 25 15:16:55 2012
Being Human

First entry in a new blog, and an incomplete sentence. Not a great start, perhaps.

This is intending to be the start of my personal blog; it will mostly have content that's only interesting if you know me personally. Like my other blog but moreso, it's mainly for me, although you're welcome to read it (and if I ever enable comments here or push it to somewhere else that allows them, you can comment and I probably will reply if I notice and have something to say).

If you're reading anyhow and want the quick version,

I'm a philosopher in my early-mid 30s, and have worked a variety of jobs including Unix Systems Wizard and neuropsych researcher. I spent about 10 years in three jobs at Carnegie Mellon University (used the staff benefits to take classes), did my undergrad at Ohio State, and grew up between DallasTexas (where I was born), DarienCT, and BrecksvilleOhio. I speak/read/write a few languages at varying levels of proficiency, I have diverse but generally academic interests, and I like swimming/walking/running all at casual levels. I also play videogames.

I drink a lot of tea, rarely drink alcohol (although living in NYC is increasing the frequency a bit), and spend a lot of time in parks and coffeeshops. I read a lot and avoid television, and the internet is pretty prominent in my life. I generally lug around a large laptop or two.

I believe in civility and nuanced discussion in philosophy. I believe in socialism, technocracy, and strong societies with strong governments that aim to serve the people. I believe in understanding frameworks and political theories that I don't agree with, and for voting for the least-bad solution without pretending it's great. I like activists who are willing to curb the problematic elements in their movements.

But this blog isn't so much about all those ideas. It's about my personal life. I'm a nonconformist, I struggle with depression at times, I like good (vegetarian) food. I like my cats (most of the time, anyhow).

Right now I live in Brooklyn, New York. That will probably change over time.

As a final note: If there are blog entries I already made in my main blog that seem very clearly to belong to this one, I might move them over, and they might appear before this entry.