Having Been Human
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Wed Apr 25 15:35:13 2012
Cocktails and Dollars

On Monday I went to a pseudointerview at one of the headhunter places that I've been talking with; I think headhunters tend to be aware of how varied the services they provide as an industry are. This one is low-pressure, low-key, and seemed ok with my mainly wanting altruistic work. Every time I head into Manhattan to go to a meetup or talk with a potential employer, it's somewhere else I don't recognise, and that's pretty cool. That evening I went to a local PerlMongers meetup, in a strange part of the financial district that felt like I was in a valley nested between mountains. It was a bit awkward as it was held in a business that I interviewed with before moving here, but turned out okay; they want to talk with me again if I decide I'm interested. Still thinking about that.

On Tuesday there was a phone interview with a semiprominent charitable institution. I really like who they are and what they do, but some of the details of the job might not work out, which is unfortunate. It's not a definite no, but I'm not super hopeful at this point.

Later that night I went to a meetup that talked about Occupy. There was good conversation, moderately strong disagreement on politics and analysis (variety in who showed up), and enough nuance that I felt pretty comfortable; the two-polar US politics (neither of which are my poles) I see in national media tends to irk me. I'm still getting used to how the bars in NYC almost always have very good food (at terribly high prices).

Given how different the feel is between Manhattan and Brooklyn, I am coming to think of them as separate cities, at least in my own world-of-terms.

I've been exploring Williamsburgh a bit more over the last week; there's a lot to like in the area. I'm not sure if it's exactly "my scene", but I've lived for so long not feeling like I have a community or type per se that that's no surprise. It's more my scene than Flatbush, certainly.