Having Been Human
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Thu Apr 26 13:59:28 2012
Astorian Adventures Redux

Today I went downtown to talk with yet another headhunter. Afterwards I decided to head over to the Astoria-Ditmars area (going by the name of the station, which is the end of the line for that route). Still struck by how Pittsburgh-y it feels in this neighbourhood, apart from the flatness.

I had lunch at Spiced, an Indian/Chinese restaurant I found while walking around. It was throughly unimpressive; the service was awful (I was about to walk out after having waited half an hour without even my appetiser showing up), they played terrible elevator music the whole time, and the food was more weird than good (I've never had Saag Paneer taste like herbal tea before). They do have two things going for them; they have a low cost and their Samosa are actually quite good. They still get an overall thumbs down though. I was going to give them a small tip, but because they're so cheap it would've taken change I don't have to do so.

Now I'm chilling at Waltz-Astoria, which is one of the more remote awesome places in NYC I consider worth frequenting.