Having Been Human
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Thu Apr 26 15:40:21 2012
Setting the Rules

I think I need to get better at recognising the balance of power in workplaces; I don't seem to have internalised the notion that it's reasonably-equal enough, which makes me excessively loyal and subsurvient when in or seeking employment. If an employer were to tell me that, given a conflict between what I want and what they're keen to provide, they have a policy against providing it, I'm more prone to just sigh and accept that, rather than talking about my own policies. It's an instrument of unquestioning subjugation, should I let it stay internalised, but it's hard to remove it from myself. All this is despite the significant good advice from my father on the topic.

Maybe the problem is my political philosophy; I am generally inclined to give government and law benefit of the doubt for its policies, as they are theoretically instruments of the public good. I am willing to move against government power, but rarely inclined to do so in general situations (I might speed or jaywalk, but that's a separate domain). I know that business needs are different and necessarily more ad-hoc, and business policies are written for the convenience of the business. The problem is that while I can philosophically see the difference between how I think about them, emotionally I seem to have lumped them mostly together.

I've met many other people over the course of my life with this problem.