Having Been Human
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Fri Apr 27 12:07:49 2012
Workplace and Age

I just withdrew a job application that got off on way-the-wrong-foot (they entirely missed an appointment, kind of), and while I'm grumbly about that, I'm thinking that maybe it's okay in that I wasn't paying attention to enough of the things I want in a workplace anyhow (maybe because I haven't thought enough about that).

I really should be around people who are a bit more like the parts of me that I want to grow. Flatbush is not the neighbourhood in NYC for me because most people here are older than I am, not at all intellectual, and kind of dull. One of the jobs I applied to here in the past was not a great job because everyone there was older than I am, settled down, and .. well, doing great things, but not intellectual things (except insofar as programmers are by default intellectual, which is only mildly yes).

I should be living *and* working alongside people my age and younger who are mentally and physically active. Otherwise, no matter how worthwhile an employer is, I'll be neglecting my social needs. I keep missing little details like this because I'm so fixated on philosophy and life-direction and society that my life conditions gets the short stick.

Maybe balancing meaning and pleasantness of life is something I can manage. One of those "useful tension" things I keep talking about in philosophy.