Having Been Human
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Sun Apr 29 15:36:19 2012
LIC adventures

Today I moseyed out to Flushing (Queens), having lunch at Indian Taj (not to be confused with the Manhattan place of the same name). It was quite good, with pleasantly high spiciness. Afterwards I took a long walk east through Flushing, not going anywhere in particular. The ethnic mixes are pretty amazing; throughout most of the walk I was the only person of European descent in eyeshot; plenty of people from India, a fair number of Hispanics (whom .. well, actually they probably are also of European descent, partly at least), and a pretty good number of Chinese and Vietnamese. I didn't hear a lot of English, and a fair subset of the signs were in various Indian languages, Spanish, and/or Russian. Population density was closer to Brooklyn-level than Manhattan-level. Eventually I took a subway, meaning to head to Williamsburgh, but I hadn't seen Long Island City yet so I changed plans mid-train, found a teahouse to land at via phonesearch, and now I'm at Communitea. The building height is pretty low in this area, people seem to be moderately young, and the air is pretty nice. It seems like a place that'd be fantastic in heavy rain.

I recently looked at a map of NYC and saw something that I've been struggling to un-see; NYC as a distorted map of Europe, with Manhattan being like the UK and Brooklyn/Queens as Europe (Rockaway being an oddly angled Italy). By that reasoning, I live near the border of Spain and France.

Later I'll probably walk around LIC a bit more; it looks like someplace I might like to live after my current lease runs out. Maybe. Williamsburgh is also attractive.