Having Been Human
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Wed May 2 17:55:15 2012
Neighbourhood time

Spent part of the morning on workstuff, decided to get early dinner at an Indian Restaurant called Bombay Masala (1241 Flatbush) that's a few blocks from my place. It was surprising; when I first stepped into the place I assumed the food would be bad; the atmosphere spoke mostly of neglect, with walls in need of paint and repair, and the motorcycle of an employee parked between empty tables. I was the only person there apart from the staff.

I was happy to be proven wrong; the place gets high marks for their food. The presentation, like the place itself, was not impressive, but almost everything there would've competed well in a blind taste test (the samosa were just okay, but the chutney they were served with more than made up for that). The spinach in the saag paneer was (also surprisingly) not served in the way we (American) southerners would do it; it had some spinach texture and taste subtlety left in. The prices were reasonable too. I later looked a bit more into the place's reputation; it's mainly known as a delivery place (despite its mid-sized dining area), so maybe that explains everything.

Now chilling at Café Madeline, the teahouse literally right around the corner from my place. In case I haven't mentioned it, the quality of their food/drinks varies widely; I once had some of the best type of soup here (Potato-Leek), and their pastries are always good; unfortunately their cookies are pretty terrible. Their hummus sandwiches are reasonably good if you remember to ask them to take the nasty ingredients out. They do have an exceptionally pleasant atmosphere though, and the staff has excellent taste in music and seems happy. That goes a long way.

Foot toughening with smaller, more-frequent runs seems to be going okay. The main downside to this is psychological; even a short run seems to drain my "need to run" battery down to zero. Once my feet are tough again, I'll definitely be going back to longer infrequent runs (although if I end up joining groups that do things that incidentally involve running, I'll be up for running more, it's just running-per-se that's best when inspired by things lower down in my mental stack than the fully-conscious.

I'm still sometimes weirded out that there are a few people in the city who dress to my kinda-weird kinks, and I often wonder if they even see these things as partly-sexual or not. I'm not used to being turned-on that way in public (and since I am almost always single, in private too, I guess).

I'm also wondering what it'd be like to leave NYC, either for good or for a bit. The idea of it makes me feel strangely twitchy; being immersed in a place that always keeps one eye open, that's highly-connected, and that seems so busy is filling the needs in me that I always knew were there, and maybe like the awakening that happens in one's first relationship (and the vulnerability that's always there when one is single since that event), leaving will leave a mark.