Having Been Human
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Thu May 10 21:02:32 2012
No va

Went to Google's NYC HQ for a presentation on Go. Learned that Go is semicolon-and-whitespace-challenged, and thus dead to me. Oh well. On the upside, while I was there I decided to finally toss my wiki/blog engine onto a shared code repository, and for variety's sake (my other projects are mostly on SourceFnord), decided to try GoogleCode this time. Github was kind of tempting too; oh well. So I guess despite my purpose of being there being a dud, I still got something good from Google while there.

Maybe reconsidering my decision not to apply to Google; the problem with being a systems geek is that people working on systems problems are the kinds of people developing platforms (mostly), and there are not a lot of people doing that. I might have to deal with my notion of charitable/worthy causes and interesting technical problems being further apart than I hoped. Shutterstock also seemed pretty cool as a workplace from what little I saw of them in the last PerlMongers meeting. I also just was approved for a StackOverflow career profile thing, which is kinda cool.