Having Been Human
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Sat May 12 21:29:15 2012

Yesterday, tried to go to a public lecture at Columbia, but got to the area a bit late and could not find my way into the building; hung out with Gustavo for a bit.

Today I went to a delightful philosophy meetup in someone's house on the upper east side; we talked about the mind-body "problem" and related topics. It went rather well, but near the end of it I felt a migraine coming on; seemed to be a mild one so I didn't leave and hoped that my smile wouldn't be too stepford.

Afterwards, was invited by a small group to grab a beer; reluctantly did so given how I was feeling. It started out okay; we talked about neuroscience, the nature of reality, and political corruption in France and the United States (one of the guys was French), but after a bit my migraine started to get worse to the extent that tears were running down my face and I was starting to see stars; excused myself, paid my bill, and dashed out, somehow managing the subway (my memory is kind of fuzzy on the particulars), made it to the Tea Lounge where I took the mobile version of my emergency terrible migraine remedy: drinking tea at near-boiling temperatures. I feel like I'm burning the hell out of my mouth right now, but I am avoiding much worse pain and the migraine is starting to fade, now that I've been at it for the last half hour or so. There is steam coming out of my mouth after I take a drink, which has gotten me some odd looks, but at least this is keeping me upright.

Damned migraines. This shit is ruining my life. No matter how well or badly I'm doing on other fronts, I can't escape this want-to-die pain for good, and I am tired of burning my mouth (or my skin, in the shower, with the at-home version of this remedy) to lessen this pain. Sigh.

Oh well, the philosophy meetup really was grand. Pity it's only once a month. The sheer number of people who showed up surprised everyone (particularly the host, whose home it was in); despite the many philosophy meetups, I have the strong impression there's a lot of hunger for this kind of thing in NYC. That bodes well.