Having Been Human
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Wed May 16 08:39:13 2012
Economics and Stars

Last night I went to a nice discussion of NYC Skeptics, where we discussed economic theories that've been rejected by academia but are still popular in the mainstream (for ideological reasons). It was a lively discussion, although it was partly distracted by excessive mention of the "Austrian School" by two people.

Unfortunately, I had a mild migraine the whole way through, and near the end of the evening it was getting worse; had a nice afterconversation with a few different groups of people (first with a woman from England and her son(?), then with some people I've met from other groups). The latter was fun in that I was laying out a structure for market socialism, but these conversations were done with a slowly worsening migraine, and I really had to do my best not to let it show too much.

By the time I was starting to make my way home, I was having some fuzziness in my vision and considerable pain, and the subway rides just made it worse. Eventually made it home, and after a boiling-hot shower, I probably managed to pass out. Sigh. Amused that if I ever can't remember the night before (tiredness?), I can tell it was a migraine night because I wake up with my laptop still in my bag and my phone not in the charger.

This week I have job phone-interviews with two big-name tech companies, one of which contacted me out-of-the-blue yesterday, both of which have offices in NYC.