Having Been Human
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Wed May 16 15:04:20 2012
Roed Hoek

Spending the day in the neighbourhood of Roed Hoek (aka Red Hook, which would've been better translated as Red Point). Started at IKEA, where I got replacements for some kitchen supplies I accidentally left behind in PHL and started salivating over things I might buy once I'm more employed.

There's a certain spartanity to the way I live that many people have commented on; even when I'm fully settled somewhere, places always feel bare, like I'm just camping in my home rather than living there. There are many kitchen supplies that my mom gave me that seem useful, so I never get rid of them when I move, but I never actually use them (food processor, for example), and many things I use only when I remember they exist (blender). I don't really mind this so much; I have other things to pay attention to (world events, politics, arguments, books, learning languages, writing, sketching), and I'm pretty happy with videogames and snuggling with my cats for when I just need to unwind. I have been moving a bit away from strictness on this recently; I've become sensitive to how much eating out costs, and have begun to regularly make rice-bean burritos, but they don't take a lot of attention, which is the one thing in my life I tend to conserve.

The part of this I'm less sure about is comfort. There are many areas of comfort that don't take any (or much) sustained effort that could make life much more pleasant, and while I've slowly learned a few things that make me happy on this front over the years, I'm still a lot more comfortable when I visit my mum than I am where I live. Bathrobes are one of those things that I learned make me happy, some ten years ago. I think I have a lot more learning to do on this front, and while I don't really want to give it a lot of attention at once, piecemail learning of what I need to live a comfortable life will hopefully work.

I suspect on some level I'll feel like I'm just camping out in my own life; provided I have my laptop with me, I get enough alone time, and I know my cats are safe and happy, I probably would be happy camping in the woods or travelling every night. I can understand how people get attached to routines or the feeling of being home, but that's a very weak set of preferences for me and a hard floor is as good as a soft bed.

IKEA had some rockin' Swedish techno. Now I'm at a bakery/coffeeshop called Baked, also in Roed Hoek, which is playing some very good jazz.

I like how a lot of neighbourhoods of NYC have their own newsletters. It does reinforce my intuition that Brooklyn and Queens are only organisationally part of a city and culturally they're more like densely populated counties full of towns and cities. This is challenging, and touches on a post I made maybe a year ago about nations and their largest cities; maybe most megacities are like this.

Right now I'm trying to figure out where to buy bulk looseleaf tea in NYC.