Having Been Human
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Wed May 16 17:27:55 2012
External Validity

On the way out to IKEA, I ended up walking out of my neighbourhood in a direction I never walk, and passed by several more cute little coffeeshops that are seas of laptops. Although Coney Island is legitimately a shithole, Flatbush isn't. It's still a bit older than I like, but it's actually pretty reasonable.

On the way back, as I was exiting my stop in the familiar Cortelyou Road exit (of the two exits I can take, it's the one that smells less like urine, although I still think if/when I ever leave NYC, visiting public restrooms will fill me with a sense of nostalgia for this city), I passed by a guy handing out flyers. My relatively new NYC-sense brought up the normal instinctual "no" as I walked past, but the words "artists studio tour" wandered through my brain in search of something to connect with, found that something, and I stopped back with an "Actually, yes" and took a flyer. He had an amused smile and said "I thought so", and I got the impression that he had been handing them out just to people who look a bit artsy (or at least not quite to everyone exiting the stop). Colour me amused.