Having Been Human
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Tue May 22 20:40:30 2012

Tonight's philosophy meeting was a dud. In one of the breaks where we were supposed to form a new discussion group, I slipped out. The meeting was titled "Numb" and seemed to be about parts of life where things fall apart; potentially interesting topic, but totally botched.

The last time I went to this meetup, it was about Occupy, and there there were a number of questions that people might disagree about and have a spicy discussion. Not here. Every question was a dud.

The meditations on high school had one guy talk about how he was bullied and how he bullied others in high school; he portrayed the anti-bullying movements today as political correctness. I started to disagree, but another group member who had had some truly terrible experiences in youth hopped in and did most of the dialogue; it might've been really interesting, but it was cut short by the moderator, who started to move us on to the next topic before realising that all the prompted questions were duds.

During the rest of the first session, the other group member with the experiences, wound up from the first discussion, was talling me about her other stressful experiences in life. I listened; it sounded like she needed to let off some steam, but it was kind of tiring.

Slipped out in the first break; I didn't expect the second half to go any better.

I guess this was an example of what not to do in a large philosophy meetup.

Slipped over to Williamsburgh, where I am having some trouble translating my words into English because two people are talking nearby in Spanish; no fault of theirs, but for some reason I have trouble tugging my language into StdEnglish when another language I understand is coming in; the bits of Spanish/German/Japanese/Russian grammar slip into my head and somehow I end up either typing the natural form of my thoughts or whatever language I'm hearing. Backspace-backspace-backspace-retype...

Still really enjoying Williamsburgh; people my age exist, which I kind of emotionally forget sometimes where I'm living in the midst of 45+ people and occasionally their young children. It still hurts that very few people seem to be thinking about the big picture, but that's always troubled me.