Having Been Human
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Wed May 23 15:26:58 2012
Staten, Denied

I had a nice trip planned to Staten Island today, but I was hit by time-shock; it takes over an hour and a half to get there; the transit system isn't designed to make Brooklyn-Staten traffic at all direct. Sigh. The other day, I encountered the same thing in a different direction; after hanging out in Williamsburgh for awhile I decided to try taking the G (the only line that never enters Manhattan in the whole system) there, and was again reminded that the G doesn't have many connections to the other lines in Brooklyn. Why?

I'm guessing ridership; maybe East Brooklyn and South Brooklyn don't really travel to each other, and maybe Brooklyn and Staten also don't really travel to each other. At least, not in sufficient numbers to justify the route improvements. I'm still bothered that the Beverly Road stop exists on the Q; it's way too close to Cortelyou.

I'm amused at how many adverts there are for Blackberry on the subway system; it's hard not to feel bad for them, as they're a great example of how technology shifts can render a non-nimble business entirely obsolete. In a few years, I imagine Blackberry will be as obscure as Minitel or SGI; the maturation of the commodity market undermined their long-held niche and they failed to do anything about that.

Amused that the criticism I posted of last night's cocktails and conversation meetup got me banned from the group. *shrug*