Having Been Human
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Fri May 25 00:36:41 2012

On Wednesday I checked out a group called 「Immodest Proposals」, which discussed the ethics and dangers and possibilities of bioengineering food, eating meat, and things like that. Good discussion, although I had hoped for someone outgoing to want to hang out afterwards and I ended up leaving after it finished feeling kind of alone. I know I should be able to reach out to people but I just can't make myself do it.

Today I went to a PerlMongers meetup where Randall Schwartz was in town, but it was in a dark bar, and I was caught up in a (generally enjoyable) conversation with an older Unix dude about filesystems and POSIX. Afterwards I went to Tea Lounge for a bit.

The interviews from last week seem to have gotten delayed; trying to nudge them along a bit.

There are a few subway lines in NYC that I'm coming to really like; the R is so far my favourite because the conductors seem to have their own, gritty, no-nonsense (almost sassy) style of making announcements. I've also been kind-of lazy about leaving the house some days just to run errands, which hasn't left me enough time to pick up tortillas or cat litter; I tend to make it back to my apartment after all the bigger stores close, and the small places don't tend to have those. Fortunately, I found a market in Park Slope that's open until 2 which is large enough to have good variety in things. Still no luck in finding okra here, which is intensely frustrating; it's an important component to my stews. Also no luck in finding a looseleaf tea store; fortunately my supplies of most teas are doing well, but I want to start drinking more Lapsang Souchong and I don't have any.