Having Been Human
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Sun May 27 12:33:16 2012
Camping Dream

Dreamed I was going to go camping with people, and was on a bus to their city but fell asleep. When I woke up I realised I probably should not have slept because it was a short bus trip; had no idea where I was. Eventually asked my cellphone, which used an enriched map interface I've seen only in my dreams; brought up a list of cities I had passed through, and it said .. Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Boston, and I saw with horror that I was arriving in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

That dream Nova Scotia was pretty interesting; I was arriving in late evening, and it used a mix of Swiss architecture and my general far-north-city dream motif (which is not actually cold).

I was too bummed about not going camping to be sure I was going to stay in the city. Was undecided.