Having Been Human
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Sun May 27 17:16:20 2012
Mail-Order Pizza

Earlier today I went to a CFI pizza-in-the-park event, which was pretty nice, although it felt too short. It wasn't as satisfying as I would've liked, maybe because it was just nonstructured getting-people-together and we didn't really do anything. I'm wondering what exactly I'm wanting; maybe working together with other people on creative efforts? Or smaller groups and more intensive interaction? ... But smaller groups with the right kind of person.

There were groups at CMU that did the kind of thing I'm thinking of, like walking long distances or hanging out and making music, and I failed to really fit into them. I'm not sure if that's because of some unease with the particular people (whether from-me or at-me) or if I'm ill-suited to actually accept the kinds of interaction I want. Maybe I want to be chill with people but I'm too quirky to ever manage that?

After the picnic, I moseyed on down to Greenwich Village, where GMaps recommended a place called Third Rail Coffee to me. It lives up to its stellar reputation; there is not a lot of room to sit, but the coffee is excellent, the pastries are great, the atmosphere is nice, and the prices are pretty reasonable. Their baristas apparently do barista competitions too. This is going on my list of cool places to visit in Manhattan.